The U.S. government has prepared an initiative to toughen the issuance of green cards to migrants

© Fotolia / Roman LipovskiyГрин card and US dollars. Archival photoThe U.S. government has prepared an initiative to toughen the issuance of green cards to migrants© Fotolia / Roman Lipovskiy

The U.S. administration on Saturday announced a new initiative aimed at tightening the issue of visas and green cards are already living legally in the United States migrants.

Published by the Department of homeland security 447-page document involves the rejection of the applicants, if it turns out that they have used a number of measures of social support. In particular, we are talking about getting your medical services through Medicaid, food stamps or social housing. The use of such services can be regarded as a «significant negative factor» in considering applications for the right of permanent stay in the country.

In addition, in some cases, migrants may have to pay a Deposit of 10 thousand dollars in considering the application.

«The ruling could force millions of low-income families to choose between getting help from the authorities and permanent residence in the United States. Human rights activists fear that this could potentially limit children’s access to nutrition and health,» writes Politico.

The authorities estimate that this innovation will affect 382 thousand people a year. These measures are intended to ensure that applicants unable to provide for themselves financially and not be a burden to the social welfare system of the United States.

The decree does not require parliamentary approval. However, the entry into force will be preceded by public discussion, which may take up to a year.

Immigration reform was one of the main election promises trump. To prevent the arrival of illegal immigrants from Mexico, he promises to build a wall on the border with this country, in favor of the abolition of lotteries, green-cards and so-called chain immigration, where the right of entry into the United States have legalized relatives of migrants.