«All the huts — build a Caliphate.» Ukrainian nationalists accept Islam

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MOSCOW, 24 Sep — RIA Novosti, Anton Lisitsyn. As reported by the militant «Islamic state»* preparing the murder of one of leaders of DNR on the instructions of the SBU and the FSB detained in the Smolensk region, the Ukrainian intelligence services are actively cooperating with Islamists and assist them in preparing terrorist acts on the territory of Russia. In addition, the SBU has encouraged the transition to Islam of Ukrainian nationalists to create a network of informants within the structures of the IG*. That total at Bandera with a radically-minded followers of the prophet Muhammad — in the material RIA Novosti.

Gangsters the North Caucasus

In September, Kiev gave Moscow the native of Ingushetia Timur Tumgoev suspected of participating in hostilities on the side of ISIS* in Syria. The Ukrainian intelligence services detained militants in Kharkov in June 2016. Then somehow he was free, asked the Kiev shelter. According to the testimony of Muslim Cheberloevsky, the battalion commander named Sheikh Mansur, Tumgoev had to do some fighting in the Donbass: «November 2017, he participated with our children at the forefront.» However, the fighting 2014-2016 not found.

But the FSB arrested recently in the Smolensk region of action of the IG*, a plot to assassinate one of the leaders of the breakaway Donetsk people’s Republic, and he acted on the instructions of the SBU. The prisoner came to Ukraine as a representative of the armed underground of the North Caucasus, met with employees of security service of Ukraine and militants «Right sector»*.

As reported by the FSB, the interrogation, the detainee claimed that «on the territory of Ukraine the national security services provide active assistance to the insurgents of the international terrorist organization «Islamic state»* in the security, financing and providing weapons and explosives for terrorist acts on the territory of the Russian Federation».

Ukraine are involved in the fighting in the Caucasus, including Chechnya. Among them a Russian citizen, Movlu of Timarov, declared internationally wanted on charges of drug trafficking. Ten years ago Timarov left Russia, in 2015 became the fighter of a battalion named after Sheikh Mansur. In 2018, was arrested in Nikolaev at the request of Moscow, but Ukrainian law enforcement authorities released him to freedom. To congratulate the fighter with the liberation came even the Prosecutor of the Nikolaev area.

Were asked to embrace Islam

Four years ago, Russia detained a group of Ukrainians, who, as reported by the FSB, was going to commit acts of sabotage in the Rostov, Volgograd, Tver, Orel, Belgorod regions, Kalmykia and Tatarstan. Among them were activists of «Right sector»* and a member of the Ukrainian national Union, participant of Euromaidan Vitaly Krivosheev.

One of the leaders of Ukrainian nationalists, torticollis was trying to create «the Right Internationale.» In 2013, he was suspected of preparing terrorist acts in Kharkiv. But after the victory of Euromaidan law enforcement authorities have forgotten about their claims. When Krivosheev detained in Russia, reported about his sudden recognition that he on the instructions of the SBU, converted to Islam. Soon he was deported to his homeland.

According to him, the entire top of the Ukrainian national Union — Muslims. «We came to this independently from each other. Was moving one way, but separately. Not interested in one kind of religion,» says Krivosheev.

As befits Orthodox, Ukrainian nationalist wants to propagate their faith in the country. The question of how Islam is compatible with right-wing beliefs, he replied: «Tradition is a relative thing, a well-established tradition there. If colleagues across the political spectrum against (Islam. — Approx. ed.), that’s their problem».

Pagans parading

Kievan Vlad managed to get a member of almost all groups «moving» — the Ukrainian national movement. Now is the party of the «national body», created on the basis of the regiment «Azov». Therefore, the associates says knowledgeably.

«Official conversion to Islam was presented as following the example of Rene Guenon (the French philosopher-traditionalist. — Approx. ed.). Few people worried that the genon urged not to go his way. Muslims became, for example, the entire top of the Ukrainian national Union — Zorian Dobrovolsky, Oleg Kaltansky (one of the leaders of Euromaidan. — Approx. ed.). It was not advertised, the lower ranks were not dedicated. It was believed that this this order discipline: leaders need to be United by one faith, this is supposed to draw us together» — describes the situation Vlad.

The transition nationalists in Islam, according to him, the SBU has been encouraged to «patriots» it was easier to establish contacts with closed groups of Muslims. «In Kiev, Kharkov and other cities there are groups of ethnic Muslims. They all go to different mosques, some use their houses of worship. Someone esbeushnik asked to find a way to co-religionists. But in General, it is difficult to say which types of SBU had on Muslim nationalists,» he continues.

Vlad says that different groups practice different religions. «In the «Patriot of Ukraine» (neo-Nazi paramilitary organization, a member of «Right sector»*. — Approx. ed.) — the Gentiles. Radioslavia, there is still something… the regiment «Azov» the temple of set, the Perun worship and sacrifice bring. But it’s all for show. They have a falling popularity, here (the head of the MIA of Ukraine Arsen. — Approx. ed.) Avakov and his PR people are trying to make a variety. Show naive fools: look, horrible aggressive Natsik, all tattooed with swastikas, bloody sacrifices bring pagan gods, y-y-y!» — said the interlocutor of RIA Novosti.

All the contradictory religious beliefs of Ukrainian nationalists reflected, for example, the fate of Daniel Lasala. Born in Belarus, came at home in a group of football fans, read the rap «black music» — in defense of racism. He worked as a security guard at a nightclub in St. Petersburg. Was a neo-Nazi, got a tattoo with the SS motto: «My honor is my loyalty.» In 2014 he became a soldier of company «Tornado» special cruelty towards the civilians of the Donbass. The Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine had to break up the company, and «volunteers» to catch on throughout the country. Lyashuk by the time he accepted Islam, took his call Mujahid and announced that he supports the IG*.

«Mujahid (Lyashuk) with extreme cynicism have made the most brutal torture of the local population in Luhansk region, organized and participated in the rape of detainees», — commented on in 2015 the chief military Prosecutor of Ukraine Anatoly Matios.

A former soldier APU Sergei told RIA Novosti that the volunteer company «Crimea», who fought in the Donbass, were manned by followers of Salafism (Wahhabis). «There were a lot of Ukrainians who became Salafis long before the Maidan. Commander — an ethnic Ukrainian named Muhammad. Before the war he openly lived in Kiev with three wives. Sarcomata another Ukrainian, Ali, in the world Sergey Solovey. With Muslims, Caucasians, they have not found common language, they created other parts of the battalion behalf of Dzhokhar Dudayev and Sheikh Mansour. After the hot phase of the conflict, Muslims, Ukrainians went, as they say, on the huts to build a Caliphate. Among the nationalists they have a strange reputation, because they really wish to create a Caliphate and preach it. Muslims from Islamic countries, incidentally, are not welcome — they say, you should come only if there is a Jihad, and in Ukraine it is not declared.»

© RIA Novosti / Maxim to Bogodeeva in Photobacterium on prayer«All the huts — build a Caliphate.» Ukrainian nationalists accept Islam© RIA Novosti / Maxim to Bogodeeva in Photobacterium on prayer

However, according to the interlocutor, in the Muslim community of the Ukrainian neophytes occupy a respectable position, they are supported by fellow believers from Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

Religion is «tolerant» religion of «mobilization»

The Russian scholar, the expert of Institute of national strategy Rais Suleymanov explains the choice of the nationalists in favor of Islam: «They do not like Christianity because they perceive it as a religion «suffers» and «losers», where the believer if only requires humility, patience, curbing the pride, pacifism. But in the radical forms of Islam they are attracted by the militancy and aggressiveness. On the positive side of Islam, they also include polygamy and large families, which, in their opinion, should improve the demographic situation. Even specific bans on the menu, such as alcohol, are perceived positively. In short, a radical form of Islam they consider mobilizing force that allows you to build «right» in their understanding of the state, «improve» the nation.»

Suleymanov called Muslim leaders sympathetic to Ukrainian nationalism. «One of the Muftis, the head of the spiritual Directorate of Muslims of Ukraine «Ummah» said (Sergey Ismagilov) is a vivid example of a Ukrainian nationalist-Islamist. He had Tatar roots. This so-called mufti of the Maidan, one of those Muslim leaders who supported the events in 2013-2014 in Kyiv, although his community was in Donetsk.»«All the huts — build a Caliphate.» Ukrainian nationalists accept Islam© Photo : ukroboronprom.com.ua»Cyberberkut»: Ukraine wanted to sell «to the sponsors of the IG» SAM «Pechora»

After the Maidan, the Ukrainian security forces have tried to use Muslim communities in the civil war. «When Crimea became part of Russia, the Peninsula moved to Lviv region — a stronghold of Ukrainian nationalism — many supporters of «Hizb of ut-Tahrir»* of the Crimean Tatars. First, they were treated sympathetically, then began the conflict with the local population. It turned out that the Crimean Islamists are supporters of the Ukrainian national state, they are advocates of the Caliphate. Most of them absolutely were not eager to fight in the Donbas «for United and indivisible Ukraine». Moreover, the Ukrainian army suffered defeat, they thought that it was stupid to go to hell for the interests of others,» says Suleymanov.

At the same time to say the mass appeal of the Ukrainian nationalists in Islam is not necessary. There is no accurate data, and the neophytes trying to inflate the number of supporters to give it more importance. «In addition, the Ukrainian nationalists sometimes changing religion: they are neo-pagans, the Muslims, and tomorrow will be someone else. People are in constant spiritual vacillation, as if looking for themselves a «better religion», — said the expert. And they do so on the instructions of intelligence, but simply due to the fact that the syndrome of the neophyte makes itself felt: at first manifested a religious zeal in adopting a new religion, and then the recession comes, I want new revelations, another identity, and the person keeps changing religion.»

*A terrorist organization banned in Russia.