In Greece, a Deputy from the ruling party has beaten the far-right

© AP Photo / Dimitris TosidisУчастники rally Macedonia is Greece in Thessaloniki. 8 Sep 2018In Greece, a Deputy from the ruling party has beaten the far-right© AP Photo / Dimitris Tosidis

The right-wing group of about 30 people attacked the Deputy of the ruling party coalition of the radical left SYRIZA from the region of Messinia Petros Constantineau, according to the Athens news Agency.

The incident occurred on Sunday near the entrance to the stadium in Kalamata on the Peloponnese. After the attack Constantinea was taken to a city hospital, he was given first aid. According to doctors, he has minor injuries and will soon be discharged.

The MP told the news Agency that the attackers were members of right-wing organizations. «Fascism will not pass», — said the Deputy.

Police arrested five suspects in the attack.

All political parties condemned the attack.

The press service of the Prime Minister of Greece stated that all the attackers are quickly found and brought to justice.

A few days ago in the cities of Greece were anti-fascist demonstrations in connection with the fifth anniversary of the murder of musician-fascist Pavlos Fyssas by members of the right-wing party «Golden dawn». After the murder there were demands to recognize the party a criminal organization and ban it, however, the judicial process is still not completed.