In Japan for the first time will perform works by Russian composer

© RIA Novosti / Alexander Krauledat in fotoreceptori Symphony orchestra. Archival photoIn Japan for the first time will perform works by Russian composer© RIA Novosti / Alexander Krajevima the image Bank

Jubilee, the fifth project, «Japan-Russia: a musical bridge» held in Japan this year in his program for the first time presented the works of composer Sergei Vasilenko on the Japanese theme, and there will also be a performance of Japanese musicians on an unusual instrument, the theremin, the Creator of which was the Russian inventor Leon theremin, told RIA Novosti the organizer and the participant of the project, the pianist Julia lion.

«Traditionally, we include in the song cycle of Russian composers on the Japanese theme. This year was chosen as «Japanese music,» Sergei Vasilenko. Of course, vocal cycles on verses of Japanese poets of Russian composers Russian translation, and we find Japanese originals of these poems and read them at concerts. But in this case the author of the text made by the composer himself, so we picked them to match the theme and spirit of Japanese poetry the tank. Works Vasilenko never before in Japan were not fulfilled,» — said Julia Leo.

Another feature of the concert was the participation in the project of a musical instrument the theremin, which was 100 years ago invented by a Russian designer, Lev Termen.

«It so happened that now the school play this musical instrument is supported only in Russia and Japan — said Julia Leo. — The concert will feature the participation of five Japanese musicians performing the music for stylized Russian nesting dolls compact modification of the theremin – matriline».

In the second part of the «Musical bridge» will feature works by Yasushi Akutagawa, son of the famous Japanese writer Akutagawa ryunosuke. The father of the composer was strongly influenced by the Russian literature: the work of «the Nose» is inspired by the eponymous novel by Nikolai Gogol, and «Batalova porridge» story «the Overcoat».

«In 1954, composer Yasushi Akutagawa came to the Soviet Union, talked with Dmitry Shostakovich. In our program performed excerpts from Gogol «the Nose», fragments from the story «the Nose» by Akutagawa ryunosuke, a fragment of the Opera of Dmitry Shostakovich «the Nose» and the works of Yasushi Akutagawa», — said the organizer of the project.

The project «Japan-Russia: a musical bridge» has been around for five years, though started as a one-time event, which are executed works by Japanese and Russian composers, attended by Russian and Japanese musicians. All these years the project exists and is implemented as a personal initiative and at the expense of pianist Leo Julia and her husband, cellist of the Symphony orchestra of the Gunma Prefecture Leonid Gulchin.