In Khabarovsk Krai the woman will be tried for abuse of daughter

© Fotolia / sebraСтатуэтка goddess of justice Themis. Archival photoIn Khabarovsk Krai the woman will be tried for abuse of daughter© Fotolia / sebra

The inhabitant of Khabarovsk territory will appear before court on charges of abuse of 11-year-old daughter, which she, in particular, in the cold left in the street, pouring water, and beaten with a fireplace poker, according to the Prosecutor’s office of the region.

«Acting Prosecutor Komsomolsk district approved the indictment on criminal case concerning 39-the summer local resident. She is accused of improper performance of duties on education of minors, connected to cruel treatment (article 156 of the criminal code of Russian Federation)», — stated in the message.

The prosecution said the defendant did not fulfill responsibilities for the upbringing of the daughter: the girl skipped school often, she didn’t have the necessary clothing and school supplies, as well as a single bed.

«In addition, on 5 November 2017, angry that the daughter went into the kitchen at that moment, when the mother is in a state of alcoholic intoxication to sort things out with the roommate, the woman brought the child into the street, doused a bucket of water and left there. Standing on the street for a while, the girl went into the house. Seeing that the mother and roommate are going to dinner, asked her to pour the soup over this, the accused threw the remains of the soup in a child’s face, and then struck several blows with a poker hand and the girl’s back,» — said the Prosecutor.

The defendant admitted guilt. The criminal case was sent to the Komsomol district court for consideration on the merits. A resident of the region could face up to 3 years of imprisonment. The decision of the court the defendant was deprived of parental rights. The question about the transfer of girls under the guardianship of her older sister.