In Lithuania, Paneraikdo memorial commemorates the victims of the Holocaust

© Photo : Vilnius.ltЖители Lithuania have Paneraikdo memorial in Vilnius. September 23, 2018In Lithuania, Paneraikdo memorial commemorates the victims of the Holocaust© Photo :

Lithuanian residents, politicians and representatives of other countries in the day of remembrance of the victims of the genocide of the Jews gathered at Paneraikdo memorial to remember the victims of the Nazis, the correspondent of RIA Novosti.

September 23 is the 75th anniversary of liquidation of Vilnius ghetto. Sunday at the memorial to the victims of the Armenian genocide located in the center of Vilnius Top Vilnius, brought together representatives of the Jewish community of Lithuania, the Embassy of Israel and other countries, Chairman of the Lithuanian government, the mayor of Vilnius, the Minister of culture of Lithuania.

Came commemorated the victims with a minute of silence.

«Today we are experiencing the pain of our fellow Jews. Standing at this monument, we need to speak loudly to never happen, to never have to experience that difficult to understand,» said memorial Chairman of the Lithuanian Parliament Viktoras Pranckietis.

«More than 800 of Lithuanian righteous indicate that 75 years ago people had the choice not to kill. The privilege of choosing were not only those who had chosen life. Even after 25 years of independence of Lithuania bears the burden of choice. I want to ask one question, who is today Lithuania is a hero?» — said the Chairman of the Jewish community Faina Kukliansky.

According to Vilnius mayor of Remigius Simasius Lithuanian righteous «may have saved the honor, but hardly got rid of that guilt that we have». He noted that «indifference and inability to create a good lead to such tragedies.»

Panerais in the woods by the Nazis from mid-1941 until the end of August 1944, killed about 70 thousand of Jews there remained, lying more than 29 thousand people of other nationalities, including Russians, Lithuanians, poles, Gypsies. At the place of execution stands a memorial under the open sky, the first monuments which were established in 1948. In 2013, the memorial was fully restored and put in order.

In Lithuania before the war there were over 208 thousand Jews during the Holocaust killed about 90% of the Jewish community. Also 877 Lithuanians were called the righteous for saving Jews.