In the Irkutsk region bear attacked the woman

© Depositphotos / lthammarБурый bear. Archival photoIn the Irkutsk region bear attacked the woman© Depositphotos / lthammar

The bear attacked the woman in her own garage in the North of the Irkutsk region, for protecting from the beast the police used firearms, reports GU Ministry of internal Affairs of the region.

A resident of the city of Ust-Kut on Sunday morning was the victim of a bear attack that had wandered into the garage in the yard of her private home. There the hostess would prepare food for domestic animals, and the predator was attracted to the smell of food. The accident was reported to the police.

It is noted that for the protection of the 52-year-old woman police have used firearms. The victim in the attack of the beast slightly hurt, she had medical care.

«Police have examined the scene, seen in the lack of nearby citizens and in the current situation, took the decision to neutralize a dangerous animal,» — said in the message.