Media reported about the plans of the US to accuse China of «hostile actions»

© AP Photo / Andrew Nagly USA and China. Archival photoMedia reported about the plans of the US to accuse China of «hostile actions»© AP Photo / Andrew Harnik

Washington plans to accuse Beijing in «hostile acts» against the state and private sectors of the United States, reinforcing the prosecution’s evidence, according to Axios, citing sources.

According to the portal, the White house plans to reveal new information on «hostile activities» of China in relation to the state and private sectors of the country and to act on the basis of this information. As reported by the portal the source, the administration will criticize China for its «malign activity» in the area of cyber attacks, interference in elections and the theft of intellectual property.

«We are not going to allow Russia to be an irritant… It’s Russia and China (along — ed.)», — said a source in the White house.

The portal reports that the administration has «tons of data» to substantiate their accusations against China.

The portal adds that accusations against China will present the White house, Ministry of Finance, trade and defence of the country, it will happen in the next few weeks.

As noted, the sources are unable to explain why the administration is taking similar steps now. The President of the United States Donald trump gave permission for this. Also there’s a good chance that trump will continue to respond positively about the President of China, XI Jinping, the to protect their relationship, and delegate the charges for your expert Advisor on trade and industrial policy Peter Navarro.