The expert called the possible introduction of new duties on the US imports from China

© AFP 2018Грузовые containers in the port of Qingdao, China. Archival photoThe expert called the possible introduction of new duties on the US imports from China© AFP 2018

The previously announced additional duties of the United States, the anticipated imports of Chinese goods to the amount of 267 billion dollars, can be entered in the second quarter of next year, says economist ING Spakman Timme (Timme Spakman).

«We expect tariffs on the remaining 267 billion dollars of U.S. imports from China will be introduced in the second quarter of 2019,» — said the expert RIA Novosti.

Fee at the rate of 10% for goods from China at $ 200 billion, of which the President of the United States Donald trump announced a week ago, came into force on Monday. From January 1, tariffs will rise to 25%. Trump did not rule out the third phase of the customs duties for goods worth about 267 billion dollars, if China will continue to take retaliatory measures. The Chinese side, in turn, stated that it would take synchronous measures and impose duties of 10% and 5% on American imports with a volume of $ 60 billion.

The expert explained that since the increase of duties on import of goods with a volume of $ 200 billion to 25% from 10% in January, it is not excluded that the US will wait with new tariffs on imports in the amount of 267 billion dollars to increase those fees.

Then the US government can first publish a list of the products included in these 267 billion dollars of imports, for consultation with the market. If the consultation period will go similarly to the previous cases, the States need to three months prior to the introduction of a new round of duties, the expert said. The economist did not exclude that China will respond to these measures.

If all bilateral trade flows will be covered zaposlenima, our two countries can go to the new increase of tariffs for the goods, which fees have already been touched upon. Trade war the United States, including a recent set of new duties against China, directly affects about 2.5% of global trade, estimated by the expert ING. This figure could rise to 3.5-4%, if will be introduced new tariffs against China. «It may reduce prospects for growth», — he answered a question about the impact of US tariffs on the growth prospects of the global economy.The expert called the possible introduction of new duties on the US imports from China© Infographical war, the United States