The organisers of TEFI-2018 published the list of candidates for the award

© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Astapkovich in photobacteria bronze of Orpheus. Archival photoThe organisers of TEFI-2018 published the list of candidates for the award© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Astapkovich the image Bank

The Committee of industrial television awards announced the finalists TEFI-2018, the list of contenders for the award given for the highest achievements in the television arts, published on the official website of the award.

The solemn award ceremony will take place on 3 October in the Moscow theater musical. This year prizes will be awarded in 34 categories in 14 nominations of the category «Day air» and in 20 categories of the category «Evening Prime».

Among the finalists in the nomination «the Morning program» (category «Day air») — «Utro Rossii» (Russia 1), «Simply the kitchen» (STS), «Friday Morning» (Friday), «angel Day» (Fifth channel), «Cooking with Alexey Zimin» (NTV).

In the nomination «the Daytime talk show» the nominees and «man with the YouTube Korchevnikov» (Russia 1), «Male/Female» (First channel), «the meeting Place» (NTV), «Wait for me» (NTV) and «paternity Test» (Home).

In the category of «Evening Prime» finalists in the category «news program» steel, «Vesti» (Russia 1), «Vremya» (First channel), «Central television» (NTV), «news» (REN TV), «match» (Match TB). In the nomination «Presenter of information program» will compete with Sergei Brilev («to Conduct on Saturday», Russia 1), Cyril Kleymenov («Time», First channel), Vadim Takmenyov («Central TV», NTV), Petr Marchenko («news», REN TV) and Olga Roeva («Friday News», Friday).

The finalists in the nomination «Social-political talk-show Prime-time» — «60 minutes» (Russia 1), «Time will tell» «Russia: choice of the future» (the First channel), «Red project» (TV the Center), «signs of Empire» (Saved).

Taffy — television industry award for the highest achievements in the television arts. The award was established by the Foundation «Russian television Academy» December 21, 1994 and from year to year included a different number of categories. From 2014 the organizer of the award is the Committee of industrial television awards. The winners are traditionally awarded a bronze statuette «Orpheus» by Ernst Neizvestny.