The presidential candidate of Libya asked the LDPR assistance in the elections

© 2018 AFP / Mahmud Tigae on the city of Tripoli, Libya, archival photoThe presidential candidate of Libya asked the LDPR assistance in the elections© 2018 AFP / Mahmud Turkia

Candidate for the post of President of Libya Aref Ali Nayed at a meeting with LDPR leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky asked me to help him win the election.

«I know from the depths of your heart that can’t win without Russia. I came before I won the presidential election, I came here to meet you and your colleagues because I know how your role is large and important in Russia, given your political experience,» said Nied, who was previously Ambassador to Libya in Saudi Arabia.

He also congratulated the leader of the liberal democratic party to victory in the gubernatorial elections in two regions and expressed the hope that the one who was able to win the elections, will help Naidu to win the election in Libya.

In turn, participated in the meeting the Deputy of LDPR, the Deputy Chairman of the Committee on education and science Boris Chernyshev said that can offer the help of the young Russian experts.

In may, organised at the Paris talks, the sides of the Libyan political crisis have agreed to hold parliamentary and presidential elections on 10 December, and not later than 16 September to prepare for them the constitutional status. In addition, an agreement was reached to work on the reunification of the security forces in the country, some groups should be included in the official structures, others will have to disarm.