The Rosselkhoznadzor will limit the supply from another Belarusian plant

© RIA NovostroevskajaThe Rosselkhoznadzor will limit the supply from another Belarusian plant© RIA Novosti

The Rosselkhoznadzor from September 26 imposes temporary restrictions on supplies of Belarusian farm «dawn», as well as greater control over the supply of the Slutsky meat-packing plant due to violations of veterinary and sanitary requirements, according to the Russian Agency.

«In connection with the re-identification of koktsidiostatikov (robenidine – two cases of dinitroaniline – one case) in poultry meat production JSC JSC «Agrokombinat «Zarya», Rosselkhoznadzor introduced from 26 September 2018 the temporary restriction on the supply of these products from the specified enterprises,» the statement reads.

In addition, the Rosselkhoznadzor imposes regime of enhanced laboratory control in respect of products of the Slutsk meat-packing plant in connection with the detection of oxytetracycline in sausage products of the company.

On Tuesday, the Rosselkhoznadzor reported that temporarily limits the supply of Belarusian JV «Starfud» due to re-identify koktsidiostatikov in its products, but also for several other violations imposes regime of enhanced laboratory control over five companies, including, for Zorya.

Tookcidiostatiki can have on the human body is nephrotoxic, mutagenic, carcinogenic and teratogenic effects. The regular human consumption of eggs and poultry meat with the contents of koktsidiostatikov can become dysbiosis, reduced immunity, constant colds, allergic reactions, disruption of all body systems. Heat treatment does not destroy these substances.