The Soros Foundation has filed a lawsuit to the constitutional court of Hungary and the ECtHR due to laws on NGOs

© AFP 2018 / Brendan SmialowskiАмериканский billionaire George Soros, archival photoThe Soros Foundation has filed a lawsuit to the constitutional court of Hungary and the ECtHR due to laws on NGOs© 2018 AFP / Brendan Smialowski

The Fund of us billionaire George Soros «open society» (Open Society Foundations) has filed a complaint with the Hungarian constitutional court and the European court of human rights (ECHR) in connection with the adoption in Hungary of laws restricting the work of NGOs in the country.

«Lawsuit in the European court of human rights (ECHR) filed on behalf of a legal entity in Hungary, «open society-Budapest», it presents the complaint that the bills «Stop Soros» violate the right to freedom of expression, freedom of Association and freedom of Assembly guaranteed by 10 and article 11 of the European Convention on human rights. A separate lawsuit filed in the constitutional court of Hungary, it argues that these laws also violate the rights guaranteed by the Hungarian Constitution,» reads the statement.

The Hungarian Parliament on 20 June approved a number of bills that impose restrictions on non-governmental organizations and criminalizing assistance to irregular migrants. The parliamentarians also approved a constitutional amendment that makes it illegal resettlement in the country on a permanent basis, «the foreign population».

In September the European Parliament approved a resolution urging the EU Council to apply disciplinary action against Hungary because of a violation of European norms and principles of the rule of law. We are talking about starting treatments, which can result in the loss of Hungary’s voting rights in the EU Council under article 7 of the EU Treaty.

In Brussels, the Hungarian government criticized primarily for failing to implement the decisions of EU migration policy. In mid-July, the European Commission has already submitted to the European court of justice a complaint against Hungary for failure to comply with the European legislation on asylum to migrants. The Hungarian authorities were given two months to ensure compliance with the requirements of the EU. According to the President of France Emmanuel Makron, within the EU there was «an acute confrontation between the nationalists and the progressives». Among the former he includes the government of Hungary.