Topilin told about results of session of the Duma Committee on pension changes

© RIA Novosti / Ekaterina to Stuckinarut in fotomancer of labour and social protection of Russia Maxim Topilin. Archival photoTopilin told about results of session of the Duma Committee on pension changes© RIA Novosti / Ekaterina to Stuckinarut the image Bank

The Minister of labour and social protection RF Maxim Topilin told about the amendments to the bill on amendments to pension legislation that was discussed on Monday at session of the Duma Committee on labor, lipolytica and veterans ‘ Affairs.

«They discussed issues related to the retirement of people within the first two years of increase in age (retirement six months earlier), the amendments related to the establishment of incentives for women who have three or four children, the right to early retirement,» — said Topilin told reporters.

He also added that the Committee discussed a number of other amendments related to the indexation of pensions. «The Committee considered all the amendments that were calculated, which were considered in the preparation of the budget of the Pension Fund,» he told reporters.

Topilin noted that the amendments that were rejected during the meeting, «contrary to the concept of the draft law, is not provided from the point of view of financial justification.»

The Minister, answering the journalists ‘ questions, said that the issue of tax benefits for people close to retirement age was not discussed at today’s meeting of the Committee, since the bill amending the Tax code is in another Committee of the state Duma, it remains to be discussed.

The state Duma in July passed in the first reading a government bill suggesting a gradual increase in age of retirement to 65 years for men and 63 years for women. However, Russian President Vladimir Putin proposed several measures to mitigate the decision, announced in a televised address to the Russians. In particular, the President called for the age of retirement for women at age 60, early retirement for mothers of large families and the introduction of measures for the protection of persons close to retirement age, including raising unemployment benefits and the introduction of liability for employers for dismissal before retirement. Proposals to change the pension system was designed as amendments to the law submitted by the President for consideration in the state Duma on 6 September, the same day the «United Russia» also brought in GD the first set of amendments.

Now the standard age of retirement in Russia is 60 and 55 years for men and women respectively prescribed by law the retirement age established in the 1930-ies. The question of raising the retirement age has been discussed for quite some time. The need for this is caused by growing life expectancy and the inability to provide a decent pension in circumstances when the number of employees in the country decreases, while the number of pensioners, by contrast, is growing. Today, in most countries the retirement age is 60-65 years.Topilin told about results of session of the Duma Committee on pension changes© Integrationalist retirement in different countries