USA have many systems to support farmers, said the expert

© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Groovybeat in photobacteria. Archival photoUSA have many systems to support farmers, said the expert© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Groovybeat the image Bank

USA have many support systems farmers can use to implement their tasks, told RIA Novosti Vice-President of Russian grain Union Alexander Korbut.

The Wall Street Journal previously wrote that Russian wheat export increases and the volume of harvest increased, despite the decline in the prices of commodities, what poses a threat to American farmers.

Grain exports from Russia in 2017-2018 crop year amounted to 52,422 million tons, including 40,449 million tons of wheat. Russia at the end of last selhoztehnika ranked first in the world in wheat exports, overtaking both the US and the EU.

The publication writes that the competitive pressure from increasing in Russia at a time when the U.S. is the mass closure of farms since the 1980-ies. The WSJ adds that trade disputes with China and other countries can increase the attractiveness of Russian wheat for buyers.

«In USA there are lots of support systems to farmers, which they can use for their tasks as they see fit. And, accordingly, to obtain the result that they would like,» — said Korbut.

«We are one of the largest global suppliers of wheat, as well as the United States. Of course, if our share and our influence on the market increases, the U.S. share, respectively, and other countries decreases. A worsening in the terms of sales for the grain producers from the United States» — has explained Korbut, noting that this is «normal competition», which is already not the first year.