USA will be the main «victim» of global warming, said the scientists

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Hardest from global warming will hurt the U.S. – the rise in sea level, extreme weather events and other consequences of climate change every year «eat» on $ 250 billion of America’s economy. To such conclusion scientists, who published an article in the journal Nature Climate Change.

«We revealed the absolute falsity of the popular idea that the Paris agreement will benefit not US, but China and other countries. Hundreds of different scenarios show that the United States will suffer the most from impacts of climate change, even compared to other major economies,» said Kate Rick (Kate Ricke) from the University of California at San Diego (USA).

The economy warming

Most scientists who study Earth’s climate today is not in doubt that global warming exists and that it will radically change the face of the planet if the growth temperature can be kept at around 1.5 degrees Celsius. In favor of this are the results of measurements of dozens of climate satellites, thousands of weather stations and buoys in the sea, and hundreds of computer models of climate.

To prevent such a scenario all countries of the world signed in December 2015, the first universal and binding Paris agreement to combat global warming. Within its framework, all States have voluntarily committed to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the next decades and keep them at this level in subsequent years.

Even before the Washington agreement from a sufficiently skeptical climate scientists estimated the odds that the Paris accords would be implemented. The reasons for this were different – for example, compromise the nature of the contract, in which many indulgences for third world countries, or obviously unenforceable obligations in some States, such as the United States.

Rica and her colleagues tested whether a US withdrawal from the Paris agreements is justified both from an economic and climatic point of view, it was repeatedly stated by President of trump and his supporters.

To do this, scientists have collected a list of all the possible economic and social impacts associated with global warming, and appreciated «contribution» to the economy for each factor, using dozens of different climate models. These calculations unexpectedly showed that the consequences of global warming will be radically different for different countries.

Raison d’etat

For example, it was found that Nordic countries, including Russia, Canada and the European Union countries and Northern Europe, will not suffer, and conversely, will improve your life in that case, if the average temperature will rise rapidly.

It is, as the researchers note, due to the fact that the current temperature in these countries is markedly below the economic optimum. Accordingly, the growth of winter and summer temperatures will increase the productivity of agriculture and reduce energy costs in the industry.

On the other hand, many southern countries will suffer stronger than predicted by current climate projections. More likely, global warming will hit the United States and India, their economies will lose 250 and 206 billion US dollars every year. The five «leaders» in Washington and Delhi, were Mexico, China and Brazil.

There is, as I write Rick and her colleagues, a kind of economic paradox – the main future victims of global warming are today or for a complete rejection of the Paris agreements, or weakening them in favor of developing countries. On the other hand, almost all the countries for which the growth temperatures would be advantageous in favor of reducing emissions.

These estimates and projections, as scientists hope will help politicians from the first group of States to adjust their position and stop acting against their own economic interests.