Brawl with shooting in a «roundabout» in the Perm region was on video

In Berezniki in the Perm region at the store «Pyaterochka» was a conflict with shooting. Video from surveillance cameras posted on YouTube.

According to the portal «» quarrel provoked a woman with a child, insulted a group of young people at the checkout. Her husband came and attacked the offenders wife with his fists.

The footage shows how between the visitors ensued a fierce fight. The staff of «the five» with your child tried to separate buyers, but they failed. At some point the head of the family has pulled out a traumatic gun and fired twice at the opponents.

According to witnesses, the bullet hit the head of one of the young men, the other bounced. Then the man with the gun ran outside and started shooting at the victim’s friends. He then returned to the store and paid for the purchase.

In GU Ministry of internal Affairs on the Perm edge has informed that upon incident an inspection is carried out.