Ex-banker Gitelson challenged the requirement to pay creditors

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The arbitration court of St.-Petersburg and Leningrad region has registered a complaint declared in the Federal search of the former Chairman of the Board of Directors and the beneficiary of bankrupt Inkasbank Alexander Gitelson in the court ruling obliging it to pay off creditors, notwithstanding the termination of procedure of sale of the property.

«Gitelson Alexander — appeal… the determination of the arbitration court of St. Petersburg and Leningrad region dated 7 September 2018», — reported in the card business on the portal of «Electronic justice.»

Date of hearings in the Thirteenth arbitration appeal court is not appointed yet.

In April 2016, the court granted the application of Gitelson about own bankruptcy, it was introduced the procedure of sale of the property.

In this case in the register of requirements of creditors of the former banker are included, in particular, indebted to the Finance Committee of the Leningrad region, for 1.5 billion rubles. Gitelson controlled a number of banks, including Vyborg-Bank, «Ural trust Bank» and the Bank of Srpska «Banja Luka». Arbitration in early September, stopped the procedure of sale of the property, Gitelson under his bankruptcy, but did not release the former banker from settlements with creditors.

As indicated in the contested Gitelson ruling of the court of first instance, «because the debtor was convicted of fraud, and was brought to vicarious liability (in excess of 11 billion rubles for the debts of Inkasbank — ed.)… the grounds for exemption from debts gone.»

In 2015 Gitelson was sentenced to three years imprisonment for embezzlement of 1.8 billion rubles from the budget of Leningrad region. Upon his release, he went to Austria. As reported GASK of the Russian Federation in St. Petersburg in July 2017 Gitelson was summoned to the investigator to charge for embezzling more than 20 billion rubles, as well as performing with his participation in other investigative actions. However, Gitelson on the appointed day to the investigator was not in connection with what was declared in the Federal wanted list.

In early October, the Vasileostrovsky district court of St. Petersburg ordered his arrest in absentia. As previously reported, the arbitration court of the North-West district upheld the decision on collecting from Gitelson and former top managers of failed Inkasbank Tatyana Lebedeva and Ludmilla Samorukova 11.4 billion rubles for the debts of the Bank.