Head of VNIIFTRI commented on the transition of the GLONASS standard time USA

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The head of the all-Russian research Institute of physicotechnical and radio engineering measurements (FSUE «VNIIFTRI» Rosstandart) Sergey Donchenko said «trade sovereignty» transition of the Russian system GLONASS on American time standard for the GPS system.

The question of the transition of all systems to a single standard time was first expressed by the representatives of Europe. They presented their vision of the issue in the summer, and then at the end of 2017, suggesting the creation of a multi-System a single time (Multi GNSS Ensemble Time) or Coordinate the time of global navigation satellite systems (GNSS Time Coordinated). This is necessary as suggested by the authors of the proposal, because now the time on Board the satellites of different systems a little different. The difference between them is made of a nanosecond. But this time, the satellite covers a long distance, so when working with multiple systems the divergence of the time scales kompensiruet with special amendments.

«We are talking in this case about the time of ordinary consumers, and system time scale global navigation systems (GNSS), which is used within navigation systems. If the switch to a single time GNSS should be developed one standard, and the standard time is part of the sovereignty of the country. Go to other people’s time is to give part of its territory. Global navigation systems, as well as their system time scale are elements of national sovereignty and cannot be the subject of the recognition of priority of one over the other. It is a fully independent system,» — said in an interview with RIA Novosti Donchenko.

He noted that it is possible to consider the option of introducing a average time, computed on the verification of references of all systems, but the transition to a single standard one global positioning system, even hypothetically consider impossible.

«You the keys to your apartment will not give it? The time reference GLONASS — the same «key» from the economy and defense of our country. In addition, the time accuracy of GLONASS is not inferior to the accuracy of any GPS or other systems. Our studies clearly demonstrate that. That is, for us from such a transition there will be no winning. By the way, one more thing: about 95-97 percent of users around the world get accurate time signal via a satellite navigation system. That is, informing consumers, using the GLONASS satellites you need to consider, in particular, and as our influence in the world,» added Donchenko.

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