Heating in Moscow will begin to turn from 25 September

© Depositphotos / BelchonockОтопление in the apartment. Archival photoHeating in Moscow will begin to turn from 25 September© Depositphotos / Belchonock

The heating season in Moscow will start from 25 September, told RIA Novosti on Monday the Deputy mayor of Moscow for housing, utilities and amenities Pyotr Biryukov.

«In Moscow will start to turn the heating on from September 25. The municipal services proceeds to trial furnaces in the city from turning on the heating in the first place in social institutions: medical and child preschool institutions, schools. The heat will do in residential houses, administrative and industrial buildings in accordance with the schedule,» — said Biryukov.

The Deputy mayor added that the facility has completed preparations for the autumn-winter period. According to him, heating system prepared all 72,5 thousands of buildings, including all residential properties, which is more than 33 thousand buildings and objects of social sphere population of almost 9 thousand buildings.

«To work fully prepared 16 CHP, 188 thermal power stations and district boiler-houses, thermal points 10322, 344 and Cabinet gas distribution points, 7.5 thousand gas networks, 151 high voltage substation», — he said, adding that Moscow also conducted hydraulic tests of more than 16.6 thousand kilometres of thermal networks.