In Moscow, you may receive 20 new synagogues

© Photo : Julia Makoveychuk Makhachkala synagogueIn Moscow, you may receive 20 new synagogues© Photo : Julia Makoveychuk

The Jewish community of Moscow is in dire need of new synagogues, the municipality has plans to open 20 new houses of worship throughout the capital, told RIA Novosti the head of the Federation of Jewish communities of Russia, Rabbi Alexander Boroda.

«According to Jewish tradition, Jews have always lived next to the synagogue, as on Saturdays and holidays it is forbidden to use transport. In Moscow there are areas where there is still no Jewish community, for example around Warsaw highway, generally South of Moscow. There is a need to open a new community on Michurinsk the prospectus, as there lived many Jewish families. We would like to open about 20 small Jewish communities in different parts of the city, but it will not happen in one day,» he said.

The Rabbi noted that the existing synagogues in Moscow are overcrowded on holidays. For example, on Sukkot, which began with the Jews on Monday and will last seven days.

«Of the nearest plans – opening of New community in Moscow in Kommunarka. The Moscow city government assists in this question, there will be constructed cult buildings of various religions,» he added.

The Beard explained that under the «synagogue» the Jews did not always mean «beautiful architectural structure designed to hold only religious services». Russian Jews, he said, often followed by global practice: remove or rebuild an existing building, creating a prayer hall, and equip the same kosher kitchen, classrooms and leisure and much more.