In Russia want to create a facial recognition system in public transport

© RIA Novosti / Michael Voskresenskiye in photobacteria fare in ground transport. Archival photoIn Russia want to create a facial recognition system in public transport© RIA Novosti / Michael Voskresenskiye the image Bank

Biometric facial recognition system is planned to be included in the standard to increase the comfort of Russian cities «smart city», told in interview «news» Deputy Minister of construction and housing of Russia Andrey Chibis.

Informed recognition system developed by the savings Bank together with VisionLab, was tested on four stations of the Moscow metro, but the problem was not the transmission mode, and wanted criminals, in a month it has helped to recognize the subway 42 career criminals who were subsequently detained by law enforcement agencies.

«There is a debate about introducing this technology in Moscow. Obviously, because of the need to use the card, the boarding time of passengers is delayed. A face detection algorithm works as follows: a passenger enters the subway or bus, the program will recognize and debits the fare money from the Bank account,» said Chibis.

According to him, the Ministry plans to attract Chinese companies to implement together with «Rostelecom» of biometrics technology and analysis of events in Russian cities. The system can provide a minimum standard of «smart city», the development of which the Agency has already begun.

The Deputy head of the Ministry of the Russian Federation at the conference, the WEF said that the standard will be the linchpin of the project «Smart city», which involves the introduction of digital technologies in the organization of urban space, control of engineering infrastructure and utilities.

Chibis noted that many cities have established a sufficient number of cameras for the project. «This is not only a safety issue but comfort. We will study this technology and will soon decide on the possibility of introducing course, first and foremost, from the point of view of its cost,» he said.

At the time of the world Cup to the facial recognition system in several regions connected about 500 cameras monitoring the city, metro, stadiums, fanson and mobile biometric complexes, serving the mass event. The system helped to detain in the days of the world Cup more than 180 offenders, part of which was in Federal search, and to weed out fans, banned from attending sporting events.

From August 2018 the camera recognition system has also been installed in several areas of the Moscow Oceanarium at the VDNKH: at the entrance, cash desks and directly to the main hall in the area of aquariums. The system records data about visitors and allows to determine their number, re-visit, approximate age, gender and other parameters, as well as make depersonalize the guest profile.