«Miss Ukraine» appealed the denial of title

© Photo : account Veronica Dedusenko in InstagramВероника, Dedusenko«Miss Ukraine» appealed the denial of title© Photo : account Veronica Dedusenko in Instagram

Devoid of title of the beauty contest «Miss Ukraine — 2018» Veronica Dedusenko not agree with the decision of the contest organizers. This was reported on the website of the Television news service (TSN) of the TV channel «1+1».

Dedusenko, called the requirements for participating in the beauty contest discrimination against married girls and those who have children. «Miss Ukraine» is not planning to voluntarily give up the title and going to go to the contest «Miss world», which will be held December 8, 2018 in China. The TV channel notes that the winner has refused to comment publicly on this situation.

Dedusenko informed on his page on Instagram addressed to the subscribers with words of gratitude for the support. «You, FANTASTIC», — she wrote.

Broke the rules of the contest

On Monday the Executive Director of the Victoria organizing Committee of the Kios announced that the winner of «Miss Ukraine — 2018» Veronica Dedusenko has lost the title due to violation of the competition rules.

According to her, this year the organizers of the contest wanted to see the winner of a charismatic young woman that has his vision of the situation in the country. The jury chose the contestant that is appropriate for all parameters, which agreed with all the terms of the contest, but later it turned out that Dedusenko has provided false information, said the Kios.

«She (Dedusenko — ed.) provided false information that is not married and has no children,» — said the Director of the organizing Committee.

At the same time she called, Dedusenko «a beautiful, intelligent girl with a very cool social project» and assured that in this case we are not talking about a disrespectful and intolerant attitude to married women, explaining the incident solely by the terms of the contest.

Disputes in the Network

Instagram users were divided into two camps: those directly accused the girl in the «vile deception», others found excuses, and even reasons to admire her.

«Victory by deception, very noble,» «Shame, then to his son and tell you that you forgot about it for the sake of the beauty contest, All right, and spare her nothing. Rules are rules,» wrote one user in the comments in Instagram, Didushenko.

At the same time, some netizens have a different opinion.

«Well, why are these disputes? You look like mom beat all those lipped «mysock». Well, what with the fact that she was married?», «Bullshit. Veronica, I admire you. The most beautiful girl this year», «make a baby, win like a contest, and then criticize,» he answered under the negative comments in Instagram.

PR President

After the scandal it turned out that Veronica Dedusenko is in a relationship with PR Gennady Chicken, which, in particular, cooperated with the administration of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko and promoted Ukrainian participants of Eurovision song contest. This fact is acknowledged on the page on Facebook himself a chicken — the founder of the company CFC Consulting, which specialises in strategic communications and projects in such areas as lobbying, cooperation with governmental structures, public relations, investment consulting and internal corporate communications.

On the website CFC Consulting it is reported that he was «the initiator of the involvement of Ukraine in Eurovision song contest-2002 lead developer and Creator of PR-concepts-positioning of Ukraine in the international arena, the promotion of Ukrainian participants at the Eurovision song contest».