Russia has no plans to introduce a new format time, said the expert

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Russia has no plans to introduce a national time format to replace the existing since the Soviet Union time SU (Soviet Union), said in an interview with RIA Novosti General Director of the Russian scientific research Institute Sergey Donchenko.

«Historically, after the collapse of the USSR no question about changing names is not raised. It is clear that any change costs money. Foreign colleagues are also no questions about this were not asked. Technically, perhaps, to change the name is not difficult, but such a move will require revision of laws and normative-technical documentation in many areas, tied to Russian standard time. I believe that conservatism in this matter – not too bad. The abbreviation SU is recognizable and reminds all about the big and strong country, which Russia continues to remain today,» he said.

Donchenko noted that most of the former republics of the Soviet Union sinhroniziruete his time with the Russian standard.

«During the Soviet Union we have in VNIIFTRI was a state primary standard of time of the USSR. But there was a principle, which is now preserved in Russia, the territorial distribution of the standards to ensure safety. Some of them were stored in the Ukraine, part to Armenia, part of the Baltic States. In each Republic were secondary standards of time. After the Soviet collapse, the newly formed States, they renamed it the primary national measurement standards. So, in fact, in the former Soviet Union are now no countries where there would be a standard, comparable in accuracy with ours,» said Donchenko.

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