Sipyagin told about his attitude to the team Orlova

© RIA Novosti / Alexander Podgorskiy in potomacfever Sipyagin, archival photoSipyagin told about his attitude to the team Orlova© RIA Novosti / Alexander Podgorskaya the image Bank

Won elections of the head of the Vladimir region Vladimir Sipyagin said that honest and decent professionals in the administration of the acting Governor Svetlana Orlova will be needed in his team.

«Let’s let people work quietly. Since force I enter after the registration of the relevant documents, and it is certainly not the day of the election, after the election, I have the people’s Governor, and Governor legally I get after a treatment of which I speak. Therefore, let everyone work in peace,» said Sipyagin RIA Novosti.

He said that his inauguration will take place on one of the days from 4 to 9 October.

«Professionals will be needed for sure, 100%, honest, decent people, responsible. Well, a different category will probably have to ask on the way out», — said the Agency interlocutor.

The second round of elections of the Governor of Vladimir region was held on Sunday. After counting 100% of protocols the candidate from LDPR Sipyagin scored 57,03% of the votes, and nominated by the regional branch of «United Russia» acting Governor of the Orlov — 37,46%. The turnout was 38,29%, which was higher than in the first round of voting, where the turnout was 32,96%.