System GLONASS will receive a new «clock» by 2020

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The Russian navigation satellite system GLONASS will receive by 2020 new ground time standard used to synchronize clocks on-Board satellites; the standard is 10 times more accurate than the current «chronograph», said in an interview with RIA Novosti General Director of the Russian research Institute for physical-technical and radio engineering measurements (FSUE «VNIIFTRI» Rosstandart) Sergey Donchenko.

«Now we are developing a new ground hours the GLONASS system, which will synchronize the onboard clock on navigation satellites. It is planned that the new time reference GLONASS will earn in 2020. Its accuracy, compared to the current will be higher. The better you know the distance to the satellite, rather than ground-based synchronized time standard and the onboard clock on the satellites, the more accurate will be the navigation,» he said.

As noted Donchenko, in the next decade it is planned for to increase the accuracy of GLONASS ground hours. «Now the system provides the accuracy of determining the object with an accuracy of about 2-3 meters, and is planned tens of centimeters. Currently, to navigate with such precision we need special differential ground station, and in the future the consumer will have an accuracy of tens of centimeters only according to the satellite signal,» said Donchenko.

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