The Committee of the European Parliament has supported education in minority languages

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European Parliament Committee on culture and education supported education in the languages of national minorities, said on Tuesday the European Parliament from Estonia Yana Toom.

«The adopted opinion by the Committee to the report of «the Minimum rights of minorities» (Minimum Standards for Minorities) States that education in the mother tongue is important to ensure the linguistic rights and increase the value of EU citizenship. Member countries of the EU is recommended to create conditions for persons belonging to religious, ethnic and linguistic minorities, education in their native language at all levels,» explained Toom in Facebook.

According to Toom, representatives of all major factions were United in terms of support for education in minority languages. «In the end, the opinion to the report was adopted by 14 votes in favour. Against there were only two members, no abstentions» — said the Deputy.

«While in Estonia the right-wing parties seek to limit the use of the native minority languages of Russian in the public sphere and cast it out of the education system, from Brussels we politely remind you: respect the rights of national minorities is one of the fundamental values of the European Union», — said Toom.

In the Committee on culture and education emphasized that «mother tongue is a Central element of cultural and individual identity and is an integral part of the culture of minorities, ensuring its expression, diffusion and transfer».

Consideration of the report «the Minimum minority rights» (Minimum Standards for Minorities) in the European Parliament’s plenary session scheduled for October.