The court began its consideration of the Affairs of the hackers accused of the theft of 1.2 billion rubles

© RIA Novosti / Alexei Mangalapura in fotosencibilizationThe court began its consideration of the Affairs of the hackers accused of the theft of 1.2 billion rubles© RIA Novosti / Alexei Mangalapura the image Bank

Kirovsky district court of Yekaterinburg on Monday began hearing of criminal cases in respect of Konstantin Melnikov and Igor Makovkina, accused of embezzlement of 1.2 billion rubles from the accounts of customers of different banks, reported RIA Novosti employee of the Kirov regional court Irina Zaripova.

«The first meeting, was read the indictment by the Prosecutor. At the Miller hearing is postponed on October 3, and Makovkina postponed until 11 October,» — said the representative of the court.

According to the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation, Miller and Makovkin in Ekaterinburg together with other members of the criminal community created and distributed through a network of malicious software. Having access to customer accounts of different banks, they stole 1.2 billion rubles, said on the Agency’s website.

Miller and Makovkin accused of «fraud in the sphere of computer information, committed in especially large size» «illegal access to computer information» and «creation, use and dissemination of harmful computer programs». Miller also is accused of creation of criminal community, and Makovkin in his participation.

As reported in 2016, the Ministry of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, from mid-2015 across the country recorded 18 targeted attacks on workstations of clients of the banks, the damage from which has exceeded 3 billion rubles. In the framework of the criminal case, searches were conducted in 15 regions of Russia, which obtained the documents confirming participation of suspects to create botnets of infected computers and launch attacks on infrastructure, financial and public institutions.

In total, according to the official representative of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia Irina Wolf, was detained 50 suspected of committing numerous thefts of funds from settlement accounts of legal entities, as well as with correspondent accounts of financial institutions using malicious software.