The pig rose from Penza operated robot from infertility, gave birth to

© RIA Novosti / Artem to Charenumerator in photosangelina rose, which in March 2018 with the help of a robot-surgeon of the Russian production was performed surgery to remove uterine fibroids. 4 Jun 2018The pig rose from Penza operated robot from infertility, gave birth to© RIA Novosti / Artem to Charenumerator the image Bank

The pig rose from Penza who got pregnant after surgery to infertility treatment with the help of the Russian robotic surgeon, gave birth to six piglets, reported RIA Novosti on Tuesday, the Professor of Penza state agricultural University Gennady Borja.

The pig rose from Penza farms «Krasnaya Gorka» became famous throughout Russia in March 2018, when she was chosen the first patient for surgery infertility treatment with the help of the Russian robotic surgeon.

The operation was carried out by the chief urologist of Ministry of health of the Russian Federation Dmitry Pushkar, and robot assisted. To ensure the success of the operation, on 26 may, rose brought the groom Boris, who is actively working on restocking of livestock in this economy, and in June it became known that she was pregnant.

«She gave birth on the night of September 22, six healthy piglets — normal for the first time. Sometimes eight, and ten, but she brought six of us. Two pig like the Pope — spotted like Dalmatians… At the first stage we, of course, satisfied (result),» — said the head of the Department of biology, biological technology and veterinary-sanitary examination, PGAU.

According to him, the experiment will continue, experts will continue to watch how the pigs are developing as a pig rose asements second time, how many bring offspring, that is how it will work after restoring the reproductive function.

Borja noted that within 45-50 days from birth, the piglets will be fed with mother’s milk, and then they are transferred to a stationary diet for young, and after seven to ten days after that, on the physiological parameters of pig rose again to hunt.

«She is fine. Bring the same dad (boar Boris) and we will see how there will be a fertilisation. And the next offspring she will have in late February — early March, if all is well will. There’ll evaluate: if the dynamics go, and of large size, and the number of piglets in the direction of increasing, so I can say the experiment is positive,» — said the doctor of biological Sciences.

How well it will be an experiment with a pig a Rose, depends on the development of robotic. The doctors hope that if all goes well, over time, such operations involving practical, mobile and made in Russia robots you can hold on humans, since the robot makes very small punctures in the patient’s body, and such wounds heal much faster than with abdominal operations.