The representation of women in the management of the business is growing, the expert said

© Fotolia / sakkmesterkeБизнесвумен builds a tower of coins. Archival photoThe representation of women in the management of the business is growing, the expert said© Fotolia / sakkmesterke

The number of «business-woman» in Russia and their share in the management class is growing, but career women is at the expense of privacy, said the Executive Director of Association of managers of Russia Vyacheslav Evseev during the press-conference dedicated to the XIX release of rating «Top-1000 Russian managers».

According to him, the portrait of the Russian Manager for the last couple of decades have not changed much: this is still a man around the age of 40 years with one or two higher educations. «But what happened in the last few years, this new trend that we can already fix that a growing number of women holding managerial functions in companies. And in 2018, we see that practically the number of women and men are already equal — 52% men, 48% women,» he said.

In this career «women gets more difficult from the point of view of achieving a balance between family and work,» he said. So, 9 out of 10 men are married and only two of the three women married. «I mean, we see that unmarried women much more than men,» he explained. In addition, according to the study, about 25% of women occupying high positions, have no children.

«The number of women, businesswoman, business managers equal to the number of men. Perhaps, this was affected including the fact that we have a difficult situation in the state and we need stability, and women always symbolize stability,» in turn, said the President-founder of the Russian managers Association Dmitry Zelenin.

The rating «Top-1000 Russian managers» is published annually for 19 years and is a tool for the assessment of professional reputation of leading Russian managers of the top echelon. The rating sums up the results of work for the year and identifies the most professional managers of Russia, leaders in their industries and functional areas in the opinion of the representatives of the professional community.

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