The resumption of the trade negotiations is completely dependent on the U.S., said in China

© AP Photo / Andrew Nagly USA and China. Archival photoThe resumption of the trade negotiations is completely dependent on the U.S., said in China© AP Photo / Andrew Harnik

The resumption of trade negotiations with the United States depends entirely on the American side, but they cannot be conducted «with a knife at the throat», said Tuesday the Deputy Minister of Commerce Wang Showing.

«When China and the United States will be able to resume trade negotiations at a high level, depends entirely on the American side. We believe that the trading dispute should be resolved through negotiations. But in order for negotiations to be effective, need to be equality and mutual respect. Now, the U.S. imposed such a huge trade restrictive measures. This is so as to put a knife to the throat of another, how in such conditions to conduct negotiations?» said van Showing at the briefing.

He stressed that in such circumstances, it is an unequal negotiation. He added that in negotiations also is the sincerity of the parties.

Shouven Wang also said that China and the United States have already held four rounds of trade consultations at a high level. According to him, it is impossible to say that these negotiations were useless.

«In the course of the was reached a lot of consensuses. Even issued a joint statement, but the American side has withdrawn from them, applied restrictive measures in trade. Therefore, it is not impossible to hold such negotiations», — said van Showing.

He reiterated that only under equal treatment of each other could negotiate.

On Monday came into force on duty at 10% on goods from China to $ 200 billion, of which the President of the United States Donald trump announced a week ago. From January 1, tariffs will rise to 25%. Trump did not rule out the third phase of the customs duties for goods worth about 267 billion dollars, if China will continue to take retaliatory measures. The Chinese side, in turn, stated that it would take synchronous measures and impose duties of 10% and 5% on American imports with a volume of $ 60 billion.

A trade war between China and the United States began after July 6 of this year came into force the mutual increased customs duties between these countries. USA imposed a duty of 25% on 818 import of goods from China total volume of supply in 34 billion dollars a year. As a countermeasure, China on the same day, imposed a duty of 25% on import of equivalent amount of American goods.

In August, the U.S. imposed a duty of 25% on imports of Chinese goods with a volume of $ 16 billion. Immediately after that, the Chinese side introduced similar measures. Dissatisfaction with the US is the trade imbalance between the two countries, which, according to estimates by Washington amounts to $ 500 billion in China’s favor.