«Was quiet and calm»: in the Urals, the 20-year-old boy killed and burned the girl

© Photo : courtesy friends of Alexei Shcherbakov Werbkowice«Was quiet and calm»: in the Urals, the 20-year-old boy killed and burned the girl© Photo : courtesy friends of Alexey Shcherbakov

In the Sverdlovsk region investigators understand the murder of 17-year-old girl — her charred body was found in the garden last weekend. The suspect has been detained, indicted and for the next two months were sent to jail. RIA Novosti tried to figure out what was the cause of the massacre.

Failed relationships

The crime shocked the small Ural urban-type settlement SOS’va, occurred in the night from 22 to 23 September. «On Saturday evening, Irina (the name is changed. — Approx. ed.) came to visit her ex-young man — 20-to summer Alexey Shcherbakov. They met about a month and just recently broke up, says RIA Novosti Daria, a friend of the deceased. — Alex wanted to resume the relationship, and return Ira, but it is not reciprocated».

What happened in the apartment Shcherbakov, should be established to a consequence. According to local residents, in the process clarify the relationship between the young people had a quarrel. In the end, Alex has strangled the girl, then decided to get rid of the body.

«According to preliminary data, he dragged the corpse into the garden, doused with gasoline and set on fire, and then fled, — told RIA Novosti the head of Sosva urban district Gennady Makarov. — His strange behavior caught the attention of one of the locals and reported to law enforcement. The suspect was apprehended very quickly.»

According to another version, distributed in social networks were another direct witness to the crime — schooler named Ruslan, who allegedly was in the apartment at the time of the altercation and saw Shcherbakov strangled a girl to death with a cord. Him he ordered to be silent, threatening violence. However, he still went to the police. Like it or not, is currently unknown. In addition, according to some local residents, before the murder the girl was raped.

In the SU TFR in the Sverdlovsk region to comment on the circumstances of the tragedy is flatly refused. Monday, September 24, investigators filed a court petition with a request to take Shcherbakov in custody for two months. «Was charged under article 105, part one — «Murder». Article «Rape» in documents submitted to us Agency, did not appear, — said RIA Novosti consultant serovskogo district court Kseniya Lushnikova. — 21 Nov the young man will remain in jail».

CC BY 3.0 / Ilia Krouglikov / Sosva (Serov district, Sverdlovsk region)«Was quiet and calm»: in the Urals, the 20-year-old boy killed and burned the girlCC BY 3.0 / Ilia Krouglikov / Sosva (Serov district, Sverdlovsk region)

According to unconfirmed reports, he has denied involvement in the incident, but investigators have collected sufficient evidence to establish his guilt.

Still waters run deep

About the accused known that he was born in the village of Sosva. «Alex I’ve known since childhood — we grew up in the same yard, says RIA Novosti Victoria Shabanova familiar Shcherbakov. — Only knew him from the good side: he was from a prosperous family, after school he entered the Polytechnic College in Severouralsk. Having received secondary education, and returned to the village. Seems to be going to get a power-saw bench».

According to friends, Shcherbakov always behaved quietly and calmly. The conflict did not enter. «Alex was poised and shy. However, in recent years abused alcohol and had toxicomanie — sniffing petrol — still a friend of the detainee Maria. — The day of the murder he was seen in a state of alcoholic intoxication. Maybe he drank because he was worried about the break with Irina».

Difficult age

The dead girl had lived since birth in the village and attended the local school № 4. «Until seventh grade, Irina got good grades, participated in talent contests, says RIA Novosti the Director of the institution Marina Molchanova. — But then it had changed dramatically — it started to skip classes and then stopped going to school, twice repeated. The mother’s statement since September we have translated it into so-called family education, so she studied individually».

According to Molchanova, Irina’s family, though incomplete, but quite prosperous. The mother raised three daughters from childhood instilling in them a love of music.

«She works at the local Palace of culture, sings in the ensemble. Irina was also very good voice. If she hadn’t fallen in with the wrong company, you could achieve great success — continues Molchanov. We have repeatedly advised her mother to go to a psychologist, therapist and even the psychiatrist. But that, apparently, was just not able to cope with it. In my opinion, the girl needed medical treatment because she had mental problems».

Girlfriend Irina characterize her as kind and sympathetic, always ready to help. However, not conceal that a few years ago a schoolgirl is addicted to alcohol, Smoking.

The funeral for Irene will be held only after forensic medical examination. While the girl’s body is in the morgue Serov city hospital. If the fault Shcherbakova is proved, to it threatens till 15 years of imprisonment, although it is possible that an article can retrain on heavier.