At the festival «Aleksandrinsky» in St. Petersburg will show «Demagogue»

© RIA to Novoshepelychi in photobacteria Russian state academic drama theatre. Alexander Pushkin — Alexandrinsky theatre. Archival photoAt the festival «Aleksandrinsky» in St. Petersburg will show «Demagogue»© RIA to Novoshepelychi the image Bank

The premiere of «Demagogue» will be held on Wednesday at the new stage of the St. Petersburg Alexandrinsky theatre festival «Alexandrinsky».

The performance of «Demagogue» on the play by Cyril Fokine staged by Hugo Erikssen is a recent graduate of the Shchukin school and student Rimas Tuminas — released in the framework of the project «Alexandrinka» «the Premiere young Directors in a new scene.»

The modern author of the play appealed to the heroic events of the Ancient world.

«We’re not trying to reproduce the world of Ancient Greece. Scenographic decision of performance is very conditional, we use a modular decoration as a designer, minimalist elements which can be assembled in a matter of seconds different places of the action,» — said Eriksen RIA Novosti.

The Director said that the setting explored the mechanisms of demagogy, which the main character of kleon uses to achieve his goals that leads to a tragic finale and the Cleon, and Athens.

«Playmaker 2.5 thousand years ago in Athens, the tragedy has no nationality. It could and can happen again at any time and in any place,» — says Fokin.

The theme of «the way up» and the collapse of the hero, the scene of the struggle for power and dominance, the choice of democracy or totalitarianism, the answer to the question that today rules the world – money or ideology or, perhaps, money has become the basis of any ideology.

Along with the Director worked on the production of artistic Director Jutta Rota, composer Andrew Beshanov, choreographer Alexander Limin.

The cast consists of the coryphaeus of the Alexandrinsky theatre Semyon Sytnik, Sergey Parshin, Viktor Semyonov and Andrei Kalinin, Sergei Alikov, Valery Stepanov, Ivan Efremov, Polina Teplyakova, and others.