Experts doubt the benefits created in Ukraine artificial fat

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Artificial fat, developed by Ukrainian students, can harm the gastrointestinal tract and will not be as useful, as a natural product in moderation, the Director of «the don technical College culinary arts and business» Irina Danilova.

On Wednesday there appeared information that the students of the agricultural University in Sumy, Ukraine has developed artificial salsamenteria of vegetable oil and gelatin, which does not taste different from the present. They claim that this is «a healthy alternative to the usual bacon», does not contain many harmful substances and can be prepared with all tastes.

According to Danilova, natural fat in moderation is good for the body as completely digested and normalizes metabolism. «Everything is made on natural basis, does not contain nutrients and body completely is not absorbed, so may have some damage of the gastrointestinal tract» — she told RIA Novosti.

With regard to the claimed benefits of salsamenteria in connection with a variety of flavors, according to Danilova, natural fat also prepared using different technologies. «It is boiled, smoked, fried, salted… It can be prepared with garlic, pepper, Provencal herbs and other supplements. A lot of technology, and tastes may be different,» she explained.

In General, according to experts, artificial fat, hardly be in demand on the Russian market.

© Photo : Vitaly Adviceble goldExperts doubt the benefits created in Ukraine artificial fat© Photo : Vitaly Adviceble gold