Furgal called Khabarovsk officials to accept the election results

© RIA Novosti / Grigory to Sysoeva in photobacteria Furgal. Archival photoFurgal called Khabarovsk officials to accept the election results© RIA Novosti / Grigory to Sysoeva the image Bank

Elected Governor of Khabarovsk territory Sergey Furgal after summing up the elections, urged local officials to recognize the election results and begin working together.

On Wednesday, the electoral Commission of Khabarovsk territory has approved the candidate from LDPR Sergey Furgala the winner on elections of the Governor. He was voted nearly 70% of voters. His opponent, incumbent head of the region Vyacheslav Shport has received about 28% of the vote.

«People expect us to work. I ask you to support me on this journey,» said Furgal at the Commission meeting of the electoral Commission, addressing the audience.

He stressed that the elections were fair. «The struggle was tough, a lot of nerves, but all they had to do in order to hear the opinion of residents, was made», — said the Governor-elect.

Furgal also promised to reduce the number of Deputy governors from 21 to 8-12 people, and also reminded that the current regional government, according to law, be dismissed, and all its members will go to the status fulfilling duties. «I’ll ask them to continue if someone cannot or does not want to keep will not,» he said.

«The government will work only those who are not involved in any schemes, fraud and embezzlement. Just honest, really wishing to improve life for the region», — said Furgal.

In addition, the Governor-elect said he will begin the work of solving critical social issues and ask regional audit chamber to carry out an urgent audit.

The second round of gubernatorial elections in the Khabarovsk territory was held on Sunday, September 23. Rival Furgala made acting head of the region, United Russia Vyacheslav Shport. The final voter turnout amounted to 47,49%.

Furgala the inauguration will take place on Friday, September 28.Furgal called Khabarovsk officials to accept the election results© Infografika of heads of regions of Russia