Furgal will strengthen the fight against poaching on the Amur

© RIA Novosti / Igor Eucandidate in fotobelka on the Amur river. Archival photoFurgal will strengthen the fight against poaching on the Amur© RIA Novosti / Igor Eucandidate the image Bank

Elected Governor of Khabarovsk territory Sergey Furgal considers it necessary to allow all local people living along the Amur river, to fish for their needs, but poaching is going hard to stop.

On Wednesday, the electoral Commission of Khabarovsk Krai approved candidate of the liberal democratic party Furgala the winner on elections of the Governor.

«People who live along the Amur river, regardless of nationality, indigenous — not indigenous, but if they are local, have the right to fish. And we will do everything that they exercise this right. But we will not allow the growth of poaching, especially on the spawning grounds. Here will be tough to stop,» said Furgal reporters.

Earlier it was reported that in September this year, residents of several districts of the region, who fish for their own consumption, complained about the changed conditions of fishing this year. Thus, residents of the Okhotsk district and the name of Poliny Osipenko is now prohibited to fish with nets. Residents of other areas complained about the reduction in the length of 30 meters, which is inconvenient for fishermen. In the Khabarovsk region in addition to industrial, developed recreational and sport fishing, and fish by indigenous peoples of the North, which is an important part of the traditional way of life.

The new conditions of fishing was introduced after last year, the fishermen blocked networks in Amur estuary near Nikolaevsk-on-Amur (band width 40 km) and caught a whole shoal of salmon that came to spawn, destroyed a whole generation of fish. Because of this, fish in sufficient numbers are not reached the fisheries and spawning grounds. In this regard, adopted a number of measures, in particular, are passing days in those days to catch fish was forbidden, and she could easily pass to the spawning grounds. In four districts have introduced a complete ban on fishing.