In France, the hospitalized Jean-Marie Le pen

© AFP 2018 / Franck PennantПочетный the President of the French far-right national front party Jean-Marie Le Pen. Archival photoIn France, the hospitalized Jean-Marie Le pen© AFP 2018 / Franck Pennant

The founder of right-wing French party «national front», now known as the «National Union», the father of party leader marine Le Pen — Jean-Marie Le Pen admitted to hospital in the suburbs of Paris.

As reported by channel BFMTV with reference to the environment policy, the reason for sending him to the hospital was «persistent fever». However, it is noted that his life was not in danger, hospitalization is necessary only in order to avoid complications.

Le Pen is the father of 20 June celebrated his 90th birthday, also while in the hospital. Then the reason for concern was the consequences previously suffering flu. Having spent in the hospital for about 10 days, the politician was discharged home.