In Primorye, proposed to celebrate the Day of the defeat of the Japanese at Hassan

© RIA to Novoshepelychi in fotomontajes commanders on the shores of lake Khasan during the invasion of Japanese troops. 1938In Primorye, proposed to celebrate the Day of the defeat of the Japanese at Hassan© RIA to Novoshepelychi the image Bank

Deputies of legislative Assembly of Primorye sent to the state Duma a draft Federal law which provides for the establishment of yet another day of military glory – day of defeat of the Japanese aggressors near lake Khasan on August 11, according to the regional Parliament.

«The bill provides for the establishment of the day of military glory – 11 August – the Day of the defeat of the Japanese invaders in the First separate red banner army in the area of lake Khasan (1938). As reported by the Deputy Chairman of the Committee on regional policy and legality Alexander Moose, the proposal of the Khasan district Duma Committee endorsed in July this year. In accordance with the rules of work with the state Duma the bill was sent to the Council of legislators under Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation and has been approved», — stated in the message.

In August of this year has been 80 years since the defeat of the Japanese in the lake Hasan. A series of clashes between Japanese Imperial army and the red Army arose from the claims made by Japan on the territory near lake Khasan and the Tumen river. In the first days of August, Japanese troops invaded Soviet territory, the onslaught reflected the 11 fighters Posetsky frontier. After the part of the 32nd and 40th divisions, supported by tanks went on the offensive, their actions were supported by 250 aircraft. Both sides suffered heavy losses. The ninth of August, 1938, Soviet troops completely cleared the area from invaders, the next day the parties agreed to a cease-fire and to restore the status quo on the Soviet border with Manchukuo. The eleventh of August hostilities at lake Khasan discontinued.

Decrees of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR from 5th of June 1939 «About perpetuating of memory of heroes of Hasana» on 6 August was determined as the feast of the First separate red banner Army as the day of the General attack units of the 1st OKA, the capture of the heights Zaozernaya and cleansing of the Soviet land from the Japanese invaders. In 1988 in Vladivostok, a monument to the ten heroes of the red army «mass grave of the commander of the red Army and the red army Mironov, who died at lake Khasan».