In Russia from September 26 will allow deliveries from «Vitebsk meat-packing plant»

© RIA Novostroevskaja, archival photoIn Russia from September 26 will allow deliveries from «Vitebsk meat-packing plant»© RIA Novosti

The Rosselkhoznadzor from September 26 to allow the supply of Belarusian «Vitebsk meat-packing plant», said the Russian Agency.

«Rosselkhoznadzor carried out analysis of materials submitted by the Department of veterinary and food supervision of Belarus to investigate the causes of violations of the requirements of the EEU and Russia in the products produced by the company OJSC «Vitebsk meat-packing plant»… the Rosselkhoznadzor considered it possible from 26 September 2018 and to lift restrictions on supplies to Russia of products produced by JSC «Vitebsk meat-packing plant», — is spoken in the message.

The import of these products is possible only in the regime of enhanced laboratory control with the selection of specialists is not less than 10 samples for research in safety performance on the identified risk, according to Rosselkhoznadzor.

«The products intended for export to the Russian Federation should be accompanied by electronic veterinary certificate. The Rosselkhoznadzor informs that it reserves the right to conduct a joint inspection of the specified enterprise» — summed up in Department.