Jeremy Corbyn called on, may resign

© RIA Novosti / Alex Monotonicity in Photobacterium Corbin. Archival photoJeremy Corbyn called on, may resign© RIA Novosti / Alex Monotonicity the image Bank

The leader of the opposition of the British labour party Jeremy Corbyn called on the Prime Minister and Theresa may to resign and hold early parliamentary elections if she will not be able to negotiate with Brussels about the provisions of the final agreement leaving the EU.

«Brexit for the future of our country and affects our vital interests. If you will be able to negotiate a «deal» which would include the maintenance of British membership in the Customs Union of the EU, no border in Ireland, the protection of jobs and maintenance of standards, then we will support it. If you can not agree to these terms, you should make way for a party that can do it,» said Corbin, speaking at the annual party conference in Liverpool, which was broadcast on the website of the labour party.

Due to problems in negotiations with the EU Brexit in the Conservative party, the crisis continues, which may result in the Prime Minister’s resignation and early parliamentary elections.

The UK will leave the EU on 29 March 2019. London and Brussels planned in October to agree on the provisions of the agreement on «divorce», however, due to persisting conflicts in the negotiation process can take several weeks.