Physicists have solved the mystery of the «radio anomalies» during the war

© Photo : US Air ForceАмериканские, the air force bombed a factory in the German Marienburg in October 1943,Physicists have solved the mystery of the «radio anomalies» during the war© Photo : US Air ForceПодпишись to daily updates RIA Science

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Mysterious anomalies sporadic radio in Britain from 1943 to 1945, was a kind of «echo» the mass bombing of German cities by allied aircraft. Write about physics, published an article in the journal Annales geophysicae Is.

«It’s amazing how the vibrations generated by man-made explosions can reach the edge of space. Every RAID the allies had allocated approximately the same amount of power as three hundred bolts of lightning. A terrifying force of these blows help us to assess how events on the Earth’s surface can influence the furthest reaches of its atmosphere,» says Christopher Scott (Christopher Scott) from the University of reading (UK).

As the scientists explain, any large-scale events in the depths of our planet has generated a lot of very deep and powerful enough infrasound waves, traces of which often can reach the upper atmosphere and significantly change the air pressure in them or the distribution and density of electrons in the ionosphere.

For example, analysis of the data collected by gravimetric and climate satellites GRACE in March 2011, showed that they were able to fix the traces of such sound waves generated by the famous nine earthquake off the East coast of Japan that spawned a tsunami and catastrophe at the Fukushima nuclear power plant.

Scott and his colleague Patrick major (Patrick Major) has opened another very interesting example of how events on the Earth’s surface affect the life of the ionosphere, studying a mysterious anomaly in the radio that were committed by the military radio stations of UK and British Amateurs in the years 1943-1945.

By studying the data that was collected by the Center for the study of radio waves in the Arctic ocean (British) during the war years, major and Scott drew attention to an unusual pattern. Anomalies were introduced at about the same time of the Armada the British «Lancaster» and the American «Superfortress» bombed Berlin, Essen, düsseldorf, Cologne and other industrial centers of Nazi Germany.

This gave them the idea that carpet bombing of German cities could produce a sufficiently strong infrasound vibrations, changed the character of the distribution of electrons and their speed, and gave rise to these mysterious interference.

They tested this theory by calculating the power of the acoustic waves caused by the British «cookies» and «blockbusters» as well as their American counterparts, and estimating the typical amount of energy that entered the atmosphere due to the explosions of the shells.

Their calculations showed that even relatively modest raids of the allies, in which German cities were dumped less than 200 tons of bombs, causing enough strong vibrations, razogreva the ionosphere and ustarevshie the movement of electrons in it. This caused interference that was «heard» on the radio, even from a distance of a thousand kilometers that separated Britain from the Western regions of Germany.

Why hasn’t this happened in the first years of the war when the bombing was going in «reverse» direction? How do you think Scott and major, due to the fact that Germany did not use powerful bombs, and prefer to bombard England with rockets V-1 and V-2, equipped with a relatively weak warhead.