Rocket «Angara-A5» received first civil order to run

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Booster «Angara-A5» was awarded the first contract for the launch of a civilian spacecraft, it plans to launch new satellites-repeaters «Luch-5M» reads the purchasing documents posted on the procurement website.

«The use of launch vehicles for launches of spacecraft «Luch-5M» using the carrier rocket «Angara-A5», — stated in the documentation.

Just on the procurement website posted two of the same contract, and two contracts on the adaptation of the rocket «Angara-A5» and ground infrastructure to launch satellites produced by the company «Information satellite systems» to them. Reshetnev», which develops and manufactures satellites of the Luch series.

In the Federal space program for 2016-2025, the launch of the first series of the device «Luch-5M» is planned for the beginning of 2021, and the second at the end of 2022.