Sberbank will, together with the Bank to find a solution for the sale of Ukrainian «daughter»

© RIA Novosti / Alexander Demyanchuka in fotobounce with the name of the savings Bank of Russia. Archival photoSberbank will, together with the Bank to find a solution for the sale of Ukrainian «daughter»© RIA Novosti / Alexander Demyanchuka the image Bank

Sberbank together with the national Bank of Ukraine will try to find a civilised solution for the sale of Ukrainian «daughter», to reduce the unprofitable business of the Bank, told journalists the first Deputy Chairman of Russia’s largest Bank, Lev Khasis.

«For us, the only reasonable tactic in Ukraine — to continue operation of the Bank to continue to service customers, to continue to perform all regulatory standards. And together with the Bank to find a solution how we can sell our Bank acceptable to the NBU buyer… We will again try to find with them a solution that according to international customs, economic activities look civilized. We hope that such a solution will be found sooner or later. Understand that it is not easy, but we will strive towards this», he said, adding that the dialogue with the NBU the Bank «very good.»

Khasis said that the Bank is unprofitable to reduce the business in Ukraine. «Ukraine is a very difficult situation. Work of the Russian banks there is not easy. However, we do comply with all regulatory standards. We will try to find some solution. «Dry» business, with the subsequent surrender of the license, we do not want, because it’s extremely profitable. In addition, given the sanctions, which Ukraine has imposed against Russian banks, an absolutely useless story. Because even if we imagine that we would stop the operations of the Bank would have paid on all obligations to clients, would collect all the money from the debtors, we would not be able to withdraw their money because of sanctions imposed by Ukraine against Russia, suggest a ban on the movement of money from the Ukraine to the Russian banks», — said the Khasis.

The national Bank of Ukraine last week has denied Belarusian Paritetbank in negotiating the acquisition of the Ukrainian subsidiary of Sberbank. It was the fourth attempt of the savings Bank to sell your business in Ukraine.

In early September the Kyiv court of Appeals issued a decision to arrest the shares in Prominvestbank («daughter» VEB), Sberbank and «VTB Bank» on the claim of a number of enterprises businessman Igor Kolomoisky, in the framework of execution of the decision of the Hague arbitration court on collecting from Russia of compensation for property in the Crimea.

Last Thursday at Sberbank, told RIA Novosti that the Bank intends in the near future to appeal against the court’s decision. They also noted that the fact of seizure of shares does not affect the operation of the subsidiary Bank associated with customer service, and its financial condition remains stable.