The court upheld the sentence killed the journalist Danish inventor

CC BY 2.0 / Joi Ito / MadsenПетер Peter Madsen. Archival photoThe court upheld the sentence killed the journalist Danish inventorCC BY 2.0 / Joi Ito / Peter Madsen

The court of appeal of Copenhagen for the completion of the application of the Danish inventor Peter Madsen, sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of Swedish journalist Kim Vallee, upheld the earlier conviction. About this reported on the website of the court of appeal of Copenhagen.

«The court of appeal, which was to decide about the punishment, confirmed the sentence of the city court, under which the accused were sentenced to life imprisonment», — is spoken in the decision of the court.

On consideration of the request, the court took three days — 5, 12 and 26 September. The verdict in the case of Madsen as a whole became known on 25 April, following which the convict appealed to the court of appeal to reconsider the terms of his punishment. The petition of Madsen did not revise the issue of his guilt.

As explained RIA Novosti the court of appeal in Copenhagen, the sentence of life imprisonment in Denmark provides that the term of the convict may be revised in 12 years and even a prisoner can be released if he promises to comply with him in such cases, the conditions.

The Swedish journalist Kim Vallee had planned to write an article about the Madsen and disappeared after swimming with him he built the submarine Nautilus 10 Aug 2017. First, the inventor claimed that the journalist dropped ashore by evening of the same day. Later, however, he changed his testimony, saying that the journalist was killed after an accident on Board a submarine. The body of the journalist found after a few days of searching, it was dismembered, without heads and limbs. At the beginning of October and then in November, the Copenhagen police reported the discovery of other body parts.

Proceedings in court, passed in the spring of 2018, and have not given the answer to the question, what was the cause of death of the journalist. Difficulties in determining these causes is due to the fact that parts of her body too spent a long time in the water. Prosecutors said that Madsen strangled the victim, or slit her throat and that he planned his crime. The inventor himself claims that the incident was an accident and denies that he dismembered the body of the journalist. The inventor, however, did not give a clear answer to the question why he decided to dismember the body of Valle. Forensic psychiatric examination of the accused is not found serious disorders in the psyche, however, stated that Madsen had serious sexual deviations with narcissism and psychopathic traits.