The Prosecutor of Tatarstan has supported the annulment of the decision in the case of a businessman who killed robbers

© Fotolia / sebraСтатуэтка goddess of justice Themis. Archival photoThe Prosecutor of Tatarstan has supported the annulment of the decision in the case of a businessman who killed robbers© Fotolia / sebra

The Prosecutor of Tatarstan Ildus Nafikov has supported cancellation of the decision on excitation of criminal case against Bugulma entrepreneur Eugene Dedania that killed two people attacked his house robbers, according to prosecutors.

According to the regional Ministry of internal Affairs, two unknown persons in masks on the morning of 12 September, broke into the house Dedania. Threatening with the subjects similar to pistols and demanding money, they tied the owner, his 34-year-old wife and 31-year-old friend. Degunino managed to break free, grab the knife in the kitchen and, giving the attackers the resistance to inflict several stab wounds. As a result, both of the attackers died. Their identities were established, residents of the Samara region 38-year-old Ivan Vetrogonov and 39-year-old Vladislav Kaloyanchev. He was later arrested a third suspect in the organization of the assaults – 47-year-old previously convicted resident of Bugulma. The decision of the court he was remanded in custody. According to the interior Ministry, the detainee admitted the fact of acquaintance with the attackers but denies any wrongdoing.

Upon attack criminal case under article «robbery». Against 41-year-old Dedania a criminal case was initiated under article «murder committed while exceeding the limits of necessary defense».

First Deputy Prosecutor of Tatarstan Sergey Starostin declared illegal and quashed the decision of the investigator on initiation of legal proceedings against Degania. In the opinion of the Supervisory body, Bugulminsky, the entrepreneur acted in necessary self-defence, and the conclusion of the investigation about excess of limits of necessary defense objective data is not confirmed. Investigation Department said that the appeal against the Prosecutor’s decision, noting that the murder at excess of limits of necessary defense were instituted in order to establish a complete picture of what happened in Bugulma.

«The study of the materials testing showed that the decision of the subordinate Prosecutor is lawful and justified, and the arguments of the investigation is untenable. So, given the text of the resolution about excitation of criminal case the circumstances are based on assumptions that do not correspond to the obtained in the course of the preliminary investigation of the facts and do not give grounds for forming a conclusion about presence in actions of the defenders of the signs of the specified crime», — is spoken in the message of Prosecutor’s office of Tatarstan.

In the opinion of the Supervisory authority, the investigator violated the requirements of criminal procedure law that the criminal proceedings may be initiated only when there is lawful reason and grounds. The Prosecutor noted that the investigator did not make use of statutory powers and held a complex of all necessary verification activities aimed at establishing all the circumstances of the incident.

«Given the above, the petition of the investigator about cancellation of the decision of the subordinate Prosecutor deemed unfounded and rejected. Materials sent to the investigating authority for further verification and acceptance of the legal procedural decision», — concluded the Prosecutor’s office of the Republic.