The Prosecutor’s office has offered to review the case of the Mac the pensioner from Perm

© Photo : broadcasting company «Rifey-Perm»labor Veteran Igor Troshev on trialThe Prosecutor’s office has offered to review the case of the Mac the pensioner from Perm© Photo : broadcasting company «Rifey-Perm»

The Prosecutor’s office of Perm territory proposed to revise the court decision against 64-year-old Igor Troshev, who was convicted for the illegal cultivation of narcotic plants, reported on the website of the regional Prosecutor’s office.

Last week the Perm regional court sentenced the 64-year-old veteran labour to a year of imprisonment conditionally with a trial period of 12 months for the poppy, which grew in his garden. He was found guilty of a crime under paragraph «b» of part 2 of article 231 of the criminal code («Illegal cultivation of plants containing narcotic substances»). According to prosecutors, from a private land plot of pensioner seized 467 bushes full grown poppy or about 4 kg of the plants. Conduct expert studies in the framework of the criminal case determined that this type of plant is opium, diluted only with special care, growing it yourself in the Ural climate zone impossible. Himself a veteran of labour told the court the appearance of prohibited plants in the beds that were brought to the site of the new ground.

«The Deputy Prosecutor of the Perm edge to the judicial Board on criminal cases of the Perm regional court made the appeal submission, which proposes to direct criminal case on new judicial consideration», — is spoken in the message.

According to authorities, this decision was made after a study of the sentence — the Prosecutor’s office came to the conclusion that in the case of admitted procedural irregularities, which «are the basis for cancellation of judicial decisions».

«In particular, the court gave an assessment of the social danger of the crime and its possible consequences. Punishing Troshevo not considered the possibility of changing the category of crime, exemption from punishment», — said the Agency.

The Prosecutor’s decision was published after the lawyer retired Yegor Mikhailov told RIA Novosti that he has filed an appeal against the decision of the Perm district court.