In Chelyabinsk opened a criminal case due to failure to remove the waste

© Fotolia / Natalia Ivanoviches. Archival photoIn Chelyabinsk opened a criminal case due to failure to remove the waste© Fotolia / Natalia Ivanova

Criminal case under article «negligence» has opened in Chelyabinsk in respect of officials of city administration and MUP «Gorekotsentr» in connection with the failure to remove the garbage from container platforms, said on Thursday the press center of the Prosecutor of the region.

Earlier it was reported that the authorities of Chelyabinsk has introduced a regime of emergency in the city due to the continued failure to remove the garbage from container platforms. The Prosecutor’s inspection revealed in Chelyabinsk more than 300 facts of the inadequate state of container sites because of the prolonged failure to remove waste.

Wednesday, September 26, the head of Chelyabinsk Evgeny Teftelev reported that the situation with garbage collection is improved.

«Materials of public Prosecutor’s check are directed to investigating bodies of investigatory management SK of Russia on the Chelyabinsk region, where the results of their consideration on September 27 against unidentified officials of the administration of Chelyabinsk and officials MUP «Gorekotsentr» criminal case as regards 1 article 293 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (negligence)», — stated in the message.

In addition, the results of inspections uncovered numerous violations of law, including activities of organizations engaged in collection and transportation of waste, the report States. The results brought 21 cases of administrative offences stipulated by article 8.2. Administrative code (violation of environmental and sanitary-epidemiological requirements for waste management of production and consumption…), these materials are sent to environmental regulatory authorities, adds the Prosecutor.

The press center says that the test is ongoing, the results of consideration of acts of reaction and elimination of infringements is on control of Prosecutor’s office.

The press service of the Governor of the region previously reported that in Chelyabinsk from September 11 closed landfill working since 1989, now municipal waste from Chelyabinsk will be taken to licensed landfills Poletayevo, Orafti and Kopeysk. According to the authorities of the region, 11 of the 16 carriers unilaterally ceased to take out garbage in Chelyabinsk after the closure of the city landfill and the direction of flow of garbage to other sites.

Chelyabinsk office of FAS Russia promised to study the actions of local carriers who refused to provide services for garbage removal from container platforms of the city, on the subject of collusion or abuse of dominant position.