In Petersburg from-for a heavy rain podtopilo piers and marinas

© Photo : Alexander Tsunamitruth. Archive photoIn Petersburg from-for a heavy rain podtopilo piers and marinas© Photo : Alexander Zozulya

Strong wind and rain in St. Petersburg, which on Wednesday had closed the gates of the dam to prevent flooding, resulted in the flooding of piers and wharfs, reports a press-service GUMCHS.

«As at 5.00 GMT on September 27 in the city of flooding residential buildings, structures of cultural and social significance, not registered. Observed the flooding of piers and wharfs situated below the level of the carriageway», — stated in the message.

As noted by the rescue Agency, on Thursday in the city will remain the bad weather from the Western and North-Western wind gusts which in the coastal areas can reach 23 meters per second. The temperature is 10-12 degrees Celsius in places are expected heavy rains, informs GUMCHS.

As previously reported, on Wednesday, the valves of the Complex of protective constructions (KZS, dam) in St. Petersburg was closed in connection with a possible increase in the water level in the Neva Delta to dangerous levels.