The expert commented on the failure of McDonald’s from the preservatives

© Fotolia / kungveryluckyМальчик eat the Burger, archival photoThe expert commented on the failure of McDonald’s from the preservatives© Fotolia / kungverylucky

The failure of McDonald’s from preservatives, fragrances and dyes will increase the attractiveness, but will not change the quality of the products, since these supplements, and was previously kept in small quantities and do not affect the organism, said RIA Novosti Deputy Director for scientific work FITS food and biotechnology, the expert forum «nation Health — a basis of prosperity of Russia» Alexander Baturin.

Previously, the network of restaurants of fast food McDonald’s announced that the classic burgers from its menu, no longer contain artificial preservatives, fragrances and dyes.

«People are very wary of the various additives, and any manufacturer seeking to make additional steps in order to avoid their use» — said the expert.

«Any harm to the health of these additives which are typically used permitted at all levels of the compounds identical to natural, which can cause serious damage to health, plus they are introduced in small quantities,» said Buchanan. He suggested that the restaurant chain has made a step, «to increase the attractiveness of its products.»

He also noted that with the exception of preservatives burgers will not be «healthier», they are, as with any fast food, will still contain a lot of salt, sugar and fat, that is, the components that cause concern among experts. Buchanan added, however, that doctors do not recommend regularly eating fast food, but «if the person eats one loaf of bread with a cutlet, then nothing will happen.»