The new acting head of the Primorye region Oleg Kozhemyako told about the first steps in the post

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The new acting Governor of Primorsky Krai Oleg Kozhemyako told RIA Novosti that he plans first to meet with colleagues, but now believes that special attention should be paid to education, health and roads.

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday accepted the resignation of Andrey Tarasenko was appointed acting head of the region Oleg Kozhemyako, head to this Sakhalin oblast.

«First and foremost, I intend to meet with colleagues with whom to work, with members, the public and communicate with residents of the region. The first meeting in the new grade gives a slightly different picture than when you arrive in Vladivostok as a guest or a Governor from another region. Primorye – the native place for me, I’m going home,» — said the new head of Primorye.

According to the acting head of Primorye, he knows everything there is understandable, but fundamental to it will be people’s opinions, their suggestions for improving life in the region.

«When it becomes clear which tasks are most urgent and which can be solved in the medium term, then we can form a program and begin the coordinated work with the team,» said Kozhemyako.

According to the acting Governor, in a new place the first thing to pay attention to education, health and roads.

«In Primorye, more than 500 schools, and a third of them in need of repair. About 18.5% of the children attend the second shift. The issue needs to be resolved until 2024. Indicators for health require modernisation, retrofitting, proximity to population accessibility, the involvement of specialists primary care. About 50% of roads in need of repair: now you need to decide which of them need to improve in the first place. Of course, in the winter a lot it wouldn’t make it, but must now start to prepare the design documentation. View the availability of municipal vehicles for cleaning. In General, this is the work that needs to engage the head of the region», — summarized in the conclusion Kozhemyako.